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Digital Marketing online consultant for SMEs

We want to help those companies who can not afford professional digital marketing services to have the opportunity to develop their business.

Meet StrateDo >

StrateDo provides the following answers to micro and small entrepreneurs :


StrateDo recommends SMEs what to do in social networks and online media to develop their business .


There are many social networks and media where they can promote products and services. According to information provided StrateDo recommends the most appropriate.


Democratize access to professional work of digital marketing is important for many small companies . Detailed instructions and suitable for all age groups , regardless of their prior knowledge , achieve this.

About StrateDo

We believe that the Internet provides many opportunities for small entrepreneurs to develop their business for their benefit and that of their families. However, they have access to the Internet and social networks does not guarantee that these opportunities are generated, if a proper use of these is not done.

For this we create StrateDo to give these opportunities to those who need. The journey began more than a year and a half, during which pivoteamos and returned to pivot about our business model, but with a clear objective, to know that at least some entrepreneurs and dreamers who wanted to get ahead with their own project gave them a hand, however small, in this difficult path. Ventures throughout Latin America and Spain used Stratedo. When we entered their profiles on social networks, see our recommendations implemented for a long period of time we showed that StrateDo was a partner in your business.

Like any venture we had many twists and come, even in these changes in the business model, we introduced the possibility of applying StrateDo, their algorithm and content, and the expertise of our team, to solve another problem presented greater chance of success . But our goal was lost, could generate some profitable but with something that did not motivate us, and luckily we were in tune internally to say ‘No, thanks’, we know we can make a difference in people who need and want to find the way to continue doing so.

Being completely transparent, we have not found a profitable model for StrateDo run business. We impel us pay the bills and are in other projects to do so, but as we know that StrateDo serves and fulfills its purpose, we want to keep doing it. So we are looking for ways to make it an open source project, where people who share our vision want to join. We want StrateDo follow, because we want every person who prefers the ‘do’ before the complaint, be an ally when customers get much needed for your business.

You want joining this mission and you think you can help? Write us!

StrateDo - Team